There was no point in getting up right away, Dayn told himself. The cold pavement was hard against his back, but even the thought of moving his sore muscles made it feel like the most comfortable bed he had ever experienced. When was the last time he’d had a good night’s sleep? Weeks ago. Years ago. Dayn dared to move his head but a sharp pain in his left eye stopped him right there. Somewhere he already knew he lost it. Not many eyes survive being stabbed with a steel rod. He just for the sake of… doing anything, Dayn managed to pry his right eye open just a smidge. The alley he lay in was sparcely lit, a couple lights forming small cirkles of yellow light on the grey asphalt, and pitch black in between. Yet, Dayn could’ve sworn to make out a vague figure in the distance, moving in the dark towards him. He knew who it was of course. Almost as well as he knew they weren’t really there. Dayn turned his head away, trying his damndest to ignore the ache. He could almost hear the approaching footsteps he was imagining.

“Well well,” Vi’s voice sounded as clear as if she was there right next to him, “You’re own survival instincts not working right anymore? Had to bring out the big guns?”

“Go away,” Dayn murmured.

“I literally can’t.”

“Because you’re-”

“Because I’m in your head, yes,” Vi crossed her arms, “What are you doing?”

“Taking a breather.”

“It’s starting to rain. Of all the spots to pass out, you decide to do it right underneath a Gate?” Dayn looked straight up to the ceiling of Aggar’s Intermediate Level. He was in the alleyways next to the pinnacle joining all the levels together. If he looked straight up, and if he squinted enough, he could see the actual sky. It unfortunately also meant the actual rain was

Dayn hadn’t seen much of the surface in the last couple of years. He kept to the middle levels these days. They were allright enough. He and his crew had settled there.

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