I’m Li.

I suppose this blog can be best described as an online journal. Seeing as I don’t have the will power to keep … an Actual Journal.

What I love:

I am a big fan of books, movies and TV shows. And sometimes I have Opinions regarding these.

I love making art, though if you’d like to see more of that, I’d suggest you visit my twitter or my ko-fi page.

Once in a blue moon I might even get a writing idea and write it down.

About maybe less inviting topics:

I’m a recently (April 2020) diagnosed person with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Though I wouldn’t consider these personality traits, this blog is also a place of venting about struggles and feelings re:those disorders for me.


It’s a bit of a catchgrab of topics, I’m aware. All intentions I had for this blog have been left by the wayside and for now it’s just me… Existing, I guess.