I’m Li. And I have a lot of opinions about books, movies, TV shows, etc, that I sometimes feel strongly enough about to write down.

Mostly I just like having a fun good time and all my reviews and observations are all written with the undertone that I got invested enough to care. Nothing to be taken too seriously.

Besides that, I also am an aspiring writer, illustrator and concept artist. If you see an image on here that’s drawn, it was done by me (If you’re interested, follow the link to my ko-fi account *wink wink*).

Places where you can also find me:

kofi (Where my art lives and people can donate a small sum to support if they feel like it)

Twitter (Where my bad opinions live, but this time in short form)

Instagragm (Also where my art lives, but honestly, not much happens over there)

In case there’s an interest to commission art from me, please send me a DM on twitter or ko-fi.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay.