Life: In 10 years I want to be…

So here’s a question that truly baffles me.

I was always led to believe that you just, sort of, find your goal. Something to truly work towards. Something to evolve for.

And I’m sure there are a bunch of people who feel the same. Who muddle through every day in life without really knowing why they do it.

I always sort of scoffed at the notion of having this one purpose in life which you’re supposed to fill, but it would be nice to want something.

Something specific, and measurable. It’s part of the reason why I started this blog in the first place.

I don’t know where I want to be in 10 years time. But lets start with next year and work our way up, yeah.

My project in 2019 will be to find a goal to apply my life to (instead of playing Hollow Knight every free second I have). Who knows, this blog might become the goal in itself, since I have the habit of starting something and kind of leaving it halfway through.

So this is the task I put on myself for the next year: Document. Document walks, and talks. Document going out with the few friends I have. Document the art I make as I’m making it instead of just flinging it on twitter (@Li_OnARoll wink wink nudge nudge) and running. Might even go nuts and write a little what the fuck.

I don’t know if someone will see this or has read this far. If you have, hello, Awfully nice of you. If no one reads this (and this is at myself, obviously), do it for yourself, you bitch.

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